I am Cengiz ALTUN,

Expert in Plastic Processing Technologies and Businessman.

Hello, I’m Cengiz ALTUN.


I was born in Istanbul in 1986 and currently enjoy living in Central Asia. At 38, I possess extensive experience in plastic processing technologies.


As the founder and manager of Sedir Dış Ticaret and Sedir Foreign Trade companies, our goal is to provide our customers with the latest innovations in the industry by facilitating access to cutting-edge technologies like plastic injection molding machines.


As a university graduate, I aim to contribute to my successes in the plastic industry through my education and work experience. Married and a proud father of two wonderful children.


Vision: Reaching People, Building Partnerships, and Growing Globally.


My objective is to communicate with more people, share industry knowledge and experience, and learn from each other. In this context, I aspire to establish closer communication with you through my personal website.


Through years of commercial experience and my companies, Sedir Dış Ticaret and Sedir Foreign Trade, I aim to build quality collaborations. Keeping track of industry innovations, we aspire to grow together with our partners.


Currently collaborating with 8 different countries, I seek to expand this network further. Actively engaging in the field, I want to meet more people and businesses globally, forging lasting relationships. Focusing not only on trade but also on solid friendships that endure for years, seeing our collaborations as more than just projects but as long-term friendships adds meaning to the business perspective.


Embarking on a journey with you, I aim to build a strong future based on quality, trust, and innovation. I invite you to join me on this exciting journey and want to emphasize that I am open to all kinds of collaboration and questions.


Thank you,

Cengiz ALTUN


E-mail: info@cengizaltun.com